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Fotga DP500 2S follow focus issue
  • Just bought a Fotga DP500 2S follow focus and 15mm rod system with baseplate. I have heard nothing but great reviews on the product and thought I'd cave and get one for myself.

    It arrived today and when I set it all up first of all the resistance isn't constant through the whole turn. It will be sticky and then smooth and then sticky again even when adjusting the dampening screw.

    The biggest problem I have with it, which my be down to user error (I'm new to follow focuses), is that when starting and finishing or pulling forward and then pulling back the lens moves majorly and I have tried it with both my fd lenses, panasonic lenses, and nikon lenses. They all move very clearly at the start and end of a pull. Not sure if this is due to loose lens mount or if it is the follow focus but it isn't useable in any professional setting that's for sure.

    Any suggestions from you guys would be great as I really don't want to have to send this back for a refund or replacement.

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  • Thanks! Vitaliy already messaged me I have moved it to that thread thanks!