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New feature documentary Viva Venezuela: Fighting for Socialism
  • Some of you may remember the documentary last year which described the election process in Venezuela and the victory of Hugo Chavez.

    This new release is a 68 minute film going deeper into the background and current situation.

    Filmed on GH1 with hack, Canon FD, CCTV C Mount and panasonic stock zoom lenses.

    Audio recorded via Tascam digital recorder and cheap shotgun mic :)

    Edited and onlined in Adobe Premiere 6.

    All questions welcome, on film making, politics, whatever


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  • Looks like nice work, technically.

    And hey Merry Christmas by the way, though I know I'm a few weeks late.

  • Well i already see 41:00 minutes of your work, technically is very good and very well edited. Greetings from Venezuela