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Cranking frame rate on GH3
  • So I finally broke down and got myself a GH3. Could almost not be happier with the ol' GH2, but the one thing I was missing was the higher frame rate for 1080p. Thing is, I bought the new camera in Sweden, and default settings do not include 60fps in either of the modes, only 50fps, I think. 50 is fine I guess, but it bugs me that I lack the slightly faster setting. Switching output from PAL to NTSC seemingly does not do the trick, and neither does updating firmware to the official "GH3__V12.exe" from Panasonic. Am I missing something or am I screwed? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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  • Cameras are different for different regions, firmware won't help here.

  • I have a theory; if I use the 50p option that would amount to 48% playback speed when reverted to 24p in post. If I instead use the 40% frame rate option that would, in effect, mean that if the 24fps would make up 40%, the actual framerate recorded by the camera must be 60fps. So that mode would be able to give me the slow motion I want the full 8% slower. Right? I think I might be onto something! ;) Thanks VK for your reply.

  • 40% on the GH3 is exactly what you surmise, 60fps played back in a 24fps container. You would need separate sound. 80% on the GH3 is 30fps played back at 24fps. I made a post about all this before. I have a requirement to send footage to the USA for inclusion in an NTSC HD production. So they would prefer native 30fps to a frame rate conversion of 25fps. I shot something at 80%, put it through Compressor and set the frame rate at 30fps with 80% duration. Result was 30fps and accurate over 20 minutes to +/- 1 frame.

  • i had several calls with Panasonic Germany and ask for a setting to change the framerate. the given answer was absolutely not understandable. consumers can change the frame rate and late be wondering why the video isn't looking correctly ... that should be the reason for not release a firmware with the possibility to change .... I do not want to change the speed of the playback so I think I will sell my GH3 and go back to the GH2 hacked ....

  • Thanks guys for your answers! I'm actually super happy about the 40% setting, as it gives me what I want (well, not 120fps in full hd yet). Sound I prefer recording separately anyway, so no big deal. :)

  • I've had a look at the service manual, and it looks like you can select which model the camera is when you load a new firmware via the service menu, but I'm not sure if that is an option you can actually change/modify - or something you have to 'correctly' select (as in you need the matching firmware).

    I ordered my GH3 from the states, due to 30p and 60p (as all my footage goes up online)

  • Here's a video I shot using only the 40% setting. Works pretty well, I'd say :)

  • I use to set 50p on my PAL GH3 to get 50% slow motion at 25p (by simple frame rate interpretation). So if I use the in-camera cranking I can effectively use the 60p capabilities of the GH3 to get even slower motion, just like shooting 60p and interpreting as 25p. That's good. Only problem is if I later decide to use the footage at normal speed instead of slow motion, that gives me no option I guess

  • So you guys touched on the topic, but I was wondering what most people are using. for SloMo ill shoot 60p, but they have framerate feature i tried it once and i like it, but im just curious on what most people are using. I understand that @Gh2simon is using because he has no other option, but what about the rest of you?

  • 50P in good light, 25P in low light. I do not make films.

    I would prefer 60P but I live in a PAL country. I wait for hack so I could switch 50/60P. I hope that hack will come before summer sports season.

  • I actually prefer it this way. On the ol' GH2 I would use the 50fps and then revert to 24fps in post, but using the 40% frame rate on the GH3 lets me review the footage as I intend using it directly. You lose sound, but as long as you are OK with that, I see no reason why you would use another setting. :)

  • interesting thanks for the feed back! I'm still not sure which i like more. i love being able to view it in SloMo but at the same time I feel more comfortable shooting in 60p(NTSC). and I'm coming from a narrative background