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Selling old lenses
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    Vivitar 28mm 2.0 close focus
    - Sorry. Not for sale.

    Hexanon 40mm 1.8 AR
    - Not for sale.

    Nikkor 85mm 2.0 AI
    - Plus Metabones F adapter, original front cap, m43 rear cap, original Nikon HS-10 hood
    - This one going to ebay. Frankly I think Samyang/Rokinon 85mm 1.4 is much better.
    - $245

    Canon 50mm 1.4
    - Plus FD adapter, original front cap, m43 rear cap
    - $85

    Pentax 25mm 1.4
    - Plus C mount adapter, 52mm step-up ring, 52mm generic front cap, m43 rear cap
    - Like new condition
    - $75

    All lenses fully functional, no scratch, no fungus, smooth focus ring with good damping. Buyers pay shipping.
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  • prices? the Pextax 25mm 1.4 - C mount covers the full sensor on crop? pics?
  • Yes the Pentax covers GH2 sensor at 16:9. I haven't tested at 4:3.
  • @stonebat

    Please, add price for each lens.
  • Keeping the Hexanon?
  • Yes. You can get it cheap from ebay.

    I wanna keep'em all... but I'm trying to raise cash to complete my working set. Gotta downsize it first...
  • Iz Haz Same Lenz ;-) Wouldn't give it up for the world. (If you have a full set of Samyangs, I might consider a trade . . .)
  • Samyang!!!

    Actually I'm waiting for more m43 primes from Samyang. I returned Samyang 35mm 1.4. So I don't have any.
  • @stonebat Can you get infinity focus on the pentax?
  • I'm interested that you think the Samyang 85 is better than the Nikkor 85 as I have the 85. The Nikkor looks pretty darn good at F/2.8. Is the Samyang better?
  • Based on reviews, Samyang is better. It has better design. More video friendly.
  • @DrDave the Samyang is very good even wide open and has very nice Bokeh. Plus, it doesn't focus in the other direction. If you want Nikon, stick with Nikon only or you'll go crazy when focusing…

    @sam_stickland you can get infinity focus on about any lens ever made on µFt (or NEX), because of their short back focus. Such problems exist only with mirror cameras.
  • The Samyang is BETTER than the Nikkor? I know I'm a Nikon fanboy but that's a bold statement :-)
  • Better is not only in optical qualities alone (the Nikon will win there), but in handling too.
    Plus, price/performance of the Samyang is definitely better ;-)
  • @nomad Yup, but the C-Mount lens need to extend a little into the m4/3 body. Google says their flange distance is 17.526mm versus 20mm on m43. My only experience of C-Mount lenses so far is a cheap CCTV 1.4 25mm off of ebay, and even with a better adapter I still can't focus it further than 6ft out. (Some of C-Mount lenses need machining to get far enough into the body). It's good that this one can get infinity.

    How soft is it? Can you posts some pics?

    Sorry about all the questions. I am interested, but I'm not sure whether to keep trying C-mounts or to save up for the 20mm lumix pancake.
  • Get 20mm Lumix. My favorite m43 lens.
  • @stonebat That's very honourable of you sir :) I will save for the 20mm Lumix.
  • As Stonebat says, the 20mm is a must have lens.
  • And now I have it :)
  • @Stonebat,
    Why are you selling the Canon FD? Are you getting another 50mm, or you're done with lenses in that range?
    I sold mine to get a Carl Zeiss 50/1.7. Admittedly both lenses yield tremendous images, but I like the look of Zeiss just a bit better.

    My lens kit:
    Nokton 25/0.95, Nokton Classic 40/1.4, Voigtlander Skopar 21/4, Contax Zeiss 50/1.7, Flektogon 35/2.4

    Looking for a Schneider Curtagon 35, and Meyer lenses
  • Wow. Gap between rich and poor is growing indeed!!!
  • And Meyer lenses are going up recently! Last week there were two Primoplan going for 89, this week 142 (similar condition).
  • Haha, I guess every photographer worth his salt will tell you to invest in a good piece of glass.
    As recently as 3 years ago, nobody gave manual lenses a chance, there was mass selling in the market, but the m4/3 system has resurrected their use (i actually know of someone who sold his entire Flektogon collection in Bangkok for $100!)

    I guess a good piece of glass will hold its value over ten years. Now that stocks and shares are so volatile, apart from buying the usual commodities, I think lenses would be a good way to park your money.
  • Not sure. There's someone jumping into every market. Sony is selling PL mount lenses with it's F3 that are far cheaper (and quite a bit weaker) than anything we had before. But it might get harder with these (and similar offers) to sell really expensive glass again later. That said, I got me a nice collection of Minoltas before it's too late…
  • You can get amazing quality out of old Canon FD lenses. They aren't perfect for video--the focus throws are better calibrated for stills than video--but overall, you can do some great work.
  • Expensive glass will always find a buyer. Look at Leica. They just got more and more expensive, and of course, ergonomically they have gotten smaller in size as well. Talk about "depreciating growth"!

    Yet the M9s and the Summiluxes are still flying off the shelf.