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30fps out of a PAL GH3
  • The maths is doing my head in, but I'd like confirmation or not on this. If I set the camera to shoot 24p @ 80%, what I understand is that the camera will shoot at 30 but display at 24, thus giving the 80% speed. So I figure, if I tell my software to render out the clip at 30p and reduce the duration by 80% I should have a clip at 30p. I know the playback is actually 23.98, but I set the render frame rate at 29.97, so things don't go awry. Is this going to actually give me 30p? I have a test to do, make a video of my tablet clapper app going off a few times, with separate sound. Then do the rate change and see if video and audio sync.

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  • Done the test with separate sound and the clapper app. Tried it first with setting the rendered video at 29.97, but that drifted over a minute by a few milleseconds. So tried the render at 30p, seems spot on accurate over 1 minute. So does this mean the GH3 is a world camera, with no regional restrictions? I guess not everyone can do separate sound and have a clapper.