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OCT-18 Adapter is locked - can't turn focus ring - help!, our shoot is tomorrow
  • Just got an OCT-18 adapter to use my Lomo lenses on my GH2. It's the adapter with the pin that's supposed to stop the iris ring from turning when you adjust focus ring. But now my focus ring can't turn at all. I'm sure this is just an easy thing I'm missing. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

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  • You need to use the provided allen wrench to loosen the to bolt. It is minisule so it's easy to miss. Remember lefty loosen.

  • @AndrewD66 I see on the adapter that there are small 6 screws that can be adjusted. Are those different than the top bolt you are talking about? I did see 2 small things close together that look like they can be adjusted with a small allen wrench. They're in the same position on the outside perimeter as the inside pin that goes into the Lomo lens. Perhaps yours only has 1 bolt, and mine has 2. I think those 2 bolts allow you to actually remove the pin that goes into the maybe I'm not seeing the bolt you're talking about. Thanks for your help on this.

  • @matt_gh2

    You need to adjust the bolts. If everything is screwed together tightly, you won´t be able to budge a thing. Start by adjusting the bolt(s) which raises / lowers the pin that works the focus mechanism. Also: make sure your lenses are well lubricated! If not, it´s super easy to do.

  • @RRRR My Lomo lenses work on Ciecio's simple $99 adapter, but this was a new adapter for a second GH2, so I'm not used to adjusting that pin, so didn't know if went up and down. I'll try that tomorrow. Great tip - thanks. Hey - off topic - whatever happened to Jehovas...I think you had mentioned that they were releasing an album soon. Is that available? That video you did with them was just killer!

  • @matt_gh2 Thanks! They changed the name to JumJum, EP coming very soon! Also two new videos very nearly finished. :) I´ll keep you posted!

    Good luck with the shoot!