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312S, 312DS, 576AVL, 1024AVL Lishuai led digital lights
  • 312S and DS, updated 312AS





    576 led lights


    1024 led lights



    497 x 495 - 36K
    490 x 494 - 45K
    491 x 485 - 47K
    496 x 496 - 42K
    800 x 803 - 78K
    721 x 759 - 90K
    740 x 719 - 112K
    647 x 787 - 62K
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  • Oh, finally... flags :-)

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev can we get flags separately to upgrade our existing 312AS lights? Will they fit?

  • Nope, they won't.

  • I've never seen these 1x1's before. Can anyone comment on color quality and output? How would they say compare to the K4000 or Aputure 528S?

    I'm in the market for an LED interview kit and currently trying to decide between more expensive but better light quality of K4000 or the cheaper but with more punch of the 528S and now seeing these have gotten me interested.

  • @RatLabProductions

    They are quite good, on the line with ones you mentioned. They also have touch screens and are available on our deals, including good kit for pair of 576 ones :-)

  • Thanks for the feedback. I saw that deal. Looks nice so I have to re-think. Just when I think I have purchases figured out. lucky for me I'm not in a hurry :)

  • @Vitaliy

    Are the 576 the same ones that Ikan is selling as Ikan branded?

  • @RatLabProductions

    I'm sure they are. The older ones were all the same. This company, Fotodiox, Polaroid and a few other. They all slap their names on em and call it a day.

    BTW, those are really good deals on the lights here!

  • Yes I really have my eye on the 576 LED 2 light kit with stands. After all the issues with previous LED lights I have had my eye on (Aputure ones have magenta cast and flicker when dimmed) I am always hesitant till I can see some real review of the lights. Flicker when dimming is a deal killer for me as dimming is one of my fav advantages of LED lights.

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev Do you know if these 576 LEDs on deals flicker when dimmed for NTSC framrates?

  • Here's my test of the 576DS and two 75W 4ft Kinoflos. They all come from the personal-view deals.

    576DS RIM

    This is with the two Kinoflos in front and the 576DS used as a rim light.

    576DS MAIN

    This is from the other direction, now the 576DS is the main light and the two Kinoflos are side/rim.

    This is a tough test for the 576DS because at 5500K it is nearly at one end of its colour temperature range, these lights tend to perform best right in the middle of their range.

    The camera was set to a white balance of 5500K.

  • Thanks for posting. Have you seen any flicker when dimming the LED? Flicker has kept me away from lights such as the Aputure 528 series.

  • @RatLabProductions --- No flicker! Although I've not tested beyond 60P.

  • CAME-TV branded on PV channel turntable overview

  • 1024 5600K light unboxing

  • CAME-TV 1024 LED Bicolor Light unboxing

  • Are the 1024s on the PV deal, and how much is it?

    Update. Never mind, heard it

  • @HillTop1

    Actually I need to update all lights deals. Some prices and terms can be wrong, and also many new lights are absent.