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Import BMPCC ProRes and Raw files in Sony Vegas and AE
  • Hi guys to all,

    I'm looking to the BMPCC as the cheaper way to have something better for my video. But i've some doubts about importing the files in Sony Vegas and AE (in this last one i make CC and all other things). Thanks guys.

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  • ProRes files go fine into Vegas, aside from all of the normal problems that Quicktime for Windows has like some precision errors that cause banding, and a 1/0.88 gamma boost for no reason. There are also ways to convert ProRes to Cineform so you can get the video into Vegas with 10-bit precision.

    Vegas's color correction tools are adequate for dealing with BMDFilm (the BMPCC's color space for ProRes) in my experience, but BMDFilm itself leaves a lot to be desired and you'll have a heck of a time getting normal looking color for some things you shoot. For now I've given up on this camera. I'll try again when it has raw, before I give up for good.