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Good Deals: Tokina AT-X 24-200mm lens
  • One may ask - why bother with usual ultrazoom, especially not widely known?

    Other question is - why AT-X (reserved for top Tokina lenses) mark on ultrazoom? Are they nuts?

    I'll provide you some answers :-)

    First. It is best ultrazoom, considering build quality. Solid aluminium barrel. A bit large, but feels perfect on camera.
    Second. This is parfocal ultrazoom, only one that I know of. It means that it maintains focus during zooming.
    Do you want to focus pricisely in 24mm? Zoom all the way in, focus and zoom back :-)
    This is main reason why it holds AT-X mark.

    One of the downsides is very short focus throw and small focus ring.
    One of pluses - normal and handy aperture ring.



    Get at quite cheap price (for this lens) in Nikon mount:

    700 x 700 - 259K
    700 x 700 - 266K
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  • I have this lens! It's very good indeed! least on M43. :)