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Call for Submissions: EyeTime 2013 Photo Competition
  • More INFO at --> Eyetime Competition

    Entrants must submit a collection containing three images (digital photographs) and title.
    The three images (digital photographs) can be on any subject or series and should represent the thoughts, explorations and ideas of the entrant.
    Each participant may submit a maximum of four separate entries.
    The Competition is open to all photographers, artists, designers or any other creative field that creates with digital photography.
    All international entries are welcomed and encouraged.
    All submissions are digital

    A group of finalists will be selected by public viewing called "EyeTime" which captures and records the amount and type of viewing time an image receives. For every second an image or a collection is viewed by others the entrant will accumulate various types of Competition "EyeTme." In addition, the competition organizers will select a minimum of four additional finalists

    October 15th 2013:
    Collections may be submitted anytime up to October 15th

    November 5th 2013:
    Finalists announced and Stage 02 "EyeTime" begins

    December 1st 2013:
    Winners and Honorable Mentions announced

    Beware that awards are not money so if you win you'll be a recognaized poor photographer, je je je and, as states in Judging section, the competition has this showoff "philosophy" so in trend these days


    PS 'cause you deserve just the best :P, Eyetime 2012 Winners

    nice one, ahhh polish girls...