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What lighting kits are you using for your film production?
  • Hi guys, just seeing what is out there for lighting kits and advice. Planning on shooting a low budget feature soon. Cheers

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  • 2k Par hmi. (and the ability to not be electrocuted)

    Pain in the arse, but in narrative, you are forced to match. Initially, most any lighting setup will work if it feels right.

    So when the ambient light starts to shift, your job as a dop (not a filmer) comes into play: you must match.

    Don't worry about the units you wish to use at the conception of the scene, be concerned about what to do when the exterior light shifts, as in: the day ends.

    It's the dop's biggest challenge. Acknowledge it up front and you won't be in denial when the sun comes out or vanishes.

    Find out what will mach with grading and what won't. Set yourself up for success by not worrying about imitating others, but resolving problems that will arise. hence the logo: Resolve.

    That's the best I can do from here.

    Best wishes/zzzzzzzzzz

  • I using two chinese spot led 10w 12v on batterie ,it work well ,but i will buy more power

  • I have some 2k Frsenels that take 1K, 1.5 k and 2k globes and my trusty Arri 650, a couple of 2 ft flos - I love the Dedo kits and the Arri soft kit for something very transportable easy to load, pack, and move from spot to spot

  • I have fresnel lightand LED flood lights have full control on brightness, intensity is also very high. Overall good for film production.

  • I use a Dedo kit and love it - amazing how compact it all is when packed. I used it for the video I just posted on the Cake 2.3 thread and thanks BTW @shian for your advice on fill lighting from one of your tutorals, on that shoot I used one of the Dedolights as a fill. To answer the OP though, Dedolights are not particularly low-budget though. Would love some good soft lighting which is compact / doesn't break the bank. Are soft boxes with grids a good purchase for controllable soft lighting?