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Crashed Panasonic GH3 and 8mm fisheye... sold for repairing elements?
  • Well, it's hard to write this, but I bought a GH3 three months ago and last weekend as I was filming some landscape timelapse in Valle del Jerte (so beautiful) the camera drop from a second floor as I was approaching to stop the timelapse after 12 minutes filming with no problem (damn wind, 2000 € flying!!!) and smashed against a rock. As it's seen in the photo the camera it's not very damaged as I could expect (it was al in one piece) but obviously it doesn't turn on and I don't know what to do with it: - send it to Panasonic? don't know how much money could be and never heard about an experience like this, how long could they take to repair it or whether it is worth... - or maybe sell it as a repairing elements kit for other cameras...

    And now I need a new camera as my job depends on it, but a lot of doubts come to me: - buy another GH3 as there's nothing still on hacking it? - a hacked GH2 as I wait for the new upcoming GH5? Have someone any truthful news on thew GH5 or a soon hack for the GH3?


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  • @kaikerr

    I understand that you upset, but scale photo before uploading. :-)

    Buy G6, may be?

  • It would reccomend to open it up and see if just some cabels or smth like that just came out of socket...there should be not much in it that can literally break after a fall (as far as booting it up).