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Software for multi-cam stop-motion animation / frame grabbing?
  • Hi there,
    I'm looking for a software tool that can grab frames from multiple (2) cams at a time. Both DSLR and usb/fw/webcams are under consideration. Anyone know of such a thing?

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  • Have a look at Smart Shooter

    Works with canon and Nikon and probably the best deal ..or there is Breeze Systems,but it's a bit pricey really.

    We have used both for controlling many(80+) DSLRs for 3D scans. HTH Mala

  • thanks man, good tip! looks like we're gonna try and roll our own. needs to be integrated in a smooth workflow in a kids installation. libgphoto2 looks like a good starting point:

  • You could buy two remote triggers and connect both same switch.

  • Sure, but the challenge in this project is much more in the software sequence creation side of things. Ideally there are 3 buttons for the kids: new sequence, grab frame, export.