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FS: Anamorphic Lenses [Panasonic, Century and Isco]
  • Hey guys! Over the last year I've experimented a lot of different anamorphic lenses, and now has come the time to sell the ones I won't be using, and keep my favorites! I'm new to this forum, but I'm an active member, and have already sold a lot of gear there. I'm from Brazil. :)

    I only accept PayPal. Taxes and shipping are my responsibility. If interested, send me an email!

    1 - Century Optics Bayo 58mm. (1.33x stretch, focus through)

    Hardest version of the Century to get, this one has 58mm rear threads. Glass is in perfect condition, no haze, scratches or dust. It comes with front and rear caps. Won't go as wide as the Panasonic, but it's perfectly fine at 35mm on Full Frame, no vignetting at all, and corner sharpness is much better.

    The focusing process uses only the taking lens, no double-focus nightmare here. Blueish-futuristic flares, stretches out perfectly to 2.35:1 from a 16:9 HD image.


    Century 58mm photos (this sale doesn't include redstan clamp)

    2 - Panasonic LA7200 + Extras. (1.33x stretch, focus through)

    I've modded this one hard, to fit every need. Now I'm moving towards LOMOs and would be sad to let this baby in the locker, gathering dust. I've machined a custom front for it, creating 105mm filter threads for attaching big diopters - which are somewhat hard to come across.

    The glass is in perfect condition, no haze, fungus, scratches or chips this time. Rear thread is secured with Redstan's clamp, with 67mm threads, closest pairing possible with the taking lens. I'm including front and rear caps - not the original ones - and the original lens pouch. As everyone already knows, it's focus through, allows you to rack focus on the taking lens and go extra wide-angle at the same time. Has some problems regarding corner sharpness, but I think it's awesome.

    I'm including in this kit a custom-made filter holder for 4.5" diopters, and three of these: +0.5, +1 and +2, Tiffen, in perfect shape. This way, you won't need anything else in order to start shooting with this lens, even at the widest lenses and apertures. This size of glass is very hard to find, and this adapter doesn't even have a copy. Single unit!

    US$1250 shipped (LA7200 + redstan clamp + front clamp with 105mm threads + custom adapter 105mm to 4.5" + Diopter kit (+0.5, +1 and +2)

    LA7200 photos

    3 - Isco Widescreen 2000. (1.5x stretch, focus through)

    A nice lens from the Isco family, this one isn't single focus as the Iscoramas, or double focus as the modern ISCO glass. It has a fixed focus distance, like Century, Optex and Panasonic, and all the focusing is done on the taking lens. In order to achieve closer focus, you must use close ups. I got this one off ebay about six months back, and it came with a 55mm clamp missing a screw (replaced and in perfect working condition) and a 67mm filter thread epoxied to the front of the lens. I tested it a lot to see if this ring wouldn't come off during shooting, but it's really solid. I added a 67-72mm step up at the front and a 52-55mm step up at the back (both can be easily unscrewed off). Lens is MultiCoated, so, unless you're working like this, no crazy flares.

    I must inform that the rear element has some bad looking lens separation. It shows up a bit in the last photo in the link below, but it doesn't seem to affect image quality at all. When you point a badass light source directly INTO the lens (like a LED flashlight), the clipping white area is a bit bigger than it should, since the light bounces through the separation. I asked Redstan about it and he said that even bad looking like that, wouldn't affect image quality at all. Besides this, lens has no haze, fungus or scratches.

    Included here is a Soligor pouch in which the lens fits neatly inside, both front and rear caps (72mm and 52mm respectively). Sitting around on my desk there's also a Sigma +1.6 62mm achromatic diopter that I'm putting into this kit as well. It comes with the original jewel case. and has no marks on the glass.


    Isco Widescreen 2000 photos

    More technical info about the Isco Widescreen 2000

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  • prices lowered! :)

  • Just the Panasonic remais.