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Cosplay Video Gh3 + Voigtlander 17.5mm
  • bit of a hobby of mine to go to conventions and film people in costume hope you enjoy it!

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  • Great pacing! Make sure you don't cut of people's feet so much next time.

  • Yeah I'll try for that next time its a bit hard sometimes cause for the first time I used my glidecam 4000 without the vest and was using it upsidedown ^^

  • Great stuff!

  • @Dphotog nice!!! this cosplay thing is really somethin'
    People are so young and they all seem so truly nice and playful... are they on drugs?
    Is there a hidden "other side" of this where players get very high and have massive orgy...
    'cause if there is I'll try to find a character with grey beard, lots of lights and a big sword (you know, compensation) :D
    I Like the atmosphere of your video man