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ABLE-HD, an inexpensive 17" 1080p LED Display

    I backed this Kickstarter project. At a minimum I was happy to get a lightweight portable second screen for my laptop on the cheap. But I'm wondering if it could be used as a field video monitor. It has HDMI input. I am guessing the power would need converted to run on a battery in the field. I sponsored at the level of $135 which gave me the option of 13, 15 or 17 inch. I was thinking of I were to use it mounted to a camera rig the 13" would be nice.

    Any opinions?

    If you are interested the are selling preorders here for $135


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  • 13" might be big, particulalry if the rig is being handheld. Maybe if shooting on a tripod that would work. You should be able to get exact dimensions and weight from manufacturer to see for sure.