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My Webseries - Self Storage Season 2
  • Season Two of our comedy web series. I'm the DP on the show - first season we used all Canon DSLR's. second Season All Panasonic GH2 (some flashbacks were canon from 1st season)

    Season 2 premiere:

    Season 1 1st episode:

    They had some encoding errors on upload - gonna have to tell them...
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  • congrats! you seem to have a good thing going there. Is this a kind of advertisement for a firm that rents out these storage places? Or is it just for your fun? If you do it for some firm, I really hope they pay you well! :)
  • Thanks! The first season was financed entirely by the director - second season was financed by the storage company. I posted this because of Vitaliy's post about "What happens when your webseries is not successful - I would consider this a "small" success story.