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Question Regarding GH2's Settings (FSH/FH/L/H/SH/H )
  • Forgive me if this has been posted before. I cross-referenced, wikipedia'd, googled, and searched to death the differences between these video settings. Yet I have never found a succinct answer.

    Basically, I'm shooting straight 24p with a hack. My footage has come out incredibly well thanks to that. However, can someone please explain to me what the core differences are between settings, and what are the pros/cons with each one?

    • 24H / 24L

    • FSH / FH

    • SH / H

    Also, I hear shooting slow motion on a GH2 is best achieved with AVCHD 720, 60i. Again, what are the core differences between those settings? I am so incredibly confused, so you I sincerely thank-you for your patience.

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  • You do have an owners manual right? Pretty sure it's in there. Just saying.

  • I understand the textbook differences. I am looking for people's subjective experiences on these settings. Did you read the question?

    Just saying.

  • For slomo the best is 60p. 50/60i is not good for anything IMO, at least for what I do. Other than 720p60 for slowmotion i use only hbr sometimes when i need 25p and 24p of course.