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Blackmagic Cinema Camera ENG style!
  • Check out this excellent blog post by Marco Solorio about how he's using the BMCC (ideally MFT version) as an ENG style camera... I have very interested in this

    Having had the original Cinema Camera EF for about a year now (since before its public release), I’ve had the opportunity to use the camera in countless situations; jibs, dollies, cranes, sliders, glidecams, various interior/exterior car mounts, and of course, handheld and shoulder mount. The latter has been a little tricky to develop, but with a little ingenuity, a few components, and a drill, I have what I feel is a very capable ENG style rig for the Cinema Camera.


    Using this rig I built for shooting our BMW documentary film is incredibly functional. I’m able to combine the powerful image quality the Cinema Camera delivers (12-bit RAW, ProRes HQ, and DNxHD), along with the flexibility an ENG camera provides.

    800 x 458 - 83K
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  • Holy shit that scares me!!!!!!!

  • Holy shit that scares me!!!!!!!

    And I can only imagine how it scares ordinary people :-)

    And now with all this shit we will try to take off.

    This is how this thing will be usually called in Russia :-)

  • they seem to be specialized to give small cameras a big frame. remember their 5D M2 set up.. :-)


  • It the functionality of the ENG lens versus the Cine lens with minimal "real world" difference that has me really interested... A shame he hasn't list all the kit in that setup so we can work out costing and also where to get everything!

  • Any idea where you get those rail lens support bits, as you can't run something like that without lens supports?

  • Onionbrain set me straight about trying to make ENG cameras out of cameras unsuitable for it. Apparently not everyone got the memo!

    It is impressive looking though. Something like the Starship Enterprise.

  • Only thing I'm jelly of the Canon C1-500 series is they have those detachable grips you can mount on a rig and get focus and stop start without taking your hand off the grip. Trying to find a suitable affordable lens like that for the GH2 isn't easy, but then I am very cheap. That lens in that pic alone is $10k at B&H. Right now I'm torn between the BMCC or the BMPCC. BMCC has the higher res, but the Pocket has the active mount and Lanc so you can focus the lens and stop/start.

    I've been doing a few "eng" style live shoots lately and I definitely need something that I can focus and zoom with one hand that won't unbalance the camera since I'm currently holding my rig with both hands then move one to the lens to focus. I always jerk the whole rig a bit when I do that, but then my current setup is very small.

    Hell I'm even tempted to buy a Hero3 and a soon to be discontinued Atomos Ninja V1 and just shoot everything in wide and in focus. That setup would be $800. Hell, I read a blog post of a guy who's shooting mini-docs with two Sony RX100s. He holds one in each hand, just aims one at each subject or differrent angles of the same subject. I'm starting to agree with PBloom that we really do have too much choice right now, it's hard to decide.