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For SEARCH: Panasonic GH3 (PAL) without 30 min. limit (!)
  • Before I am buing a local limmited version OR the unlocked version from Vitaliys connection I am searching here. The perfect scenario would be an european located seller with a like new body (for a good price). Please contact me over private message, if you have one to offer.

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  • No one out there who want to see such a model? =)

  • EU sellers sell EU models, hence limited.

  • i have that model but I am from Australia. if you want one now buy a pacific asian PAL model. its either that or wait for a patch. EU only sells PAL limited models unless they are grey imports from asia.

  • Hmm. I just thought that maybe one importet such a model already (and want to sell it). If there is a chance to get a used one, then it´s here ^^.