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USING a GH3/similar camera from shooting to and through post
  • I'm looking for practical daily-use patterns, workflows, habits, and all for taking a "reel" of "footage" and working it into final output. General practices and perhaps into specifics at times. Having trouble finding same.

    I've been looking all over the web for forums on how to use my cam (which happens to be a GH3, so ... what mostly) AND to do something with it ... and either there are esoteric and pointedly detailed discussions on the technical bits of shooting OR a highly detailed esoteric discussions of say, specific tasks in DV Resolve ... I'm sure at some point I might find interest in this, but it's not helpful now. It's handy to see that say, several here feel the .MOV on the GH3 is great at lower ISO, but the AVCHD better at higher ISO. Practical and handy.

    That said, when I get into Premiere Pro and Speedgrade, where I've been totally lost at the settings to actually make the end result meet what my monitor shows ... I'm not finding a lot of help. I've tried (in SG) various settings from "no calibration" to about everything on that long list ... most things chosen in rendering make for an output that is harshly contrasty/saturated and a lot darker ... except for a couple of the gamma/MOV ones that result in a "thin", bright and washed-out final. No one on the SG forum even responds to requests on things like that, and I can't find any info that isn't contradicted by every other article out there.

    I'd just love a practical discussion of what settings, practices, and patterns seem to work smoothly and consistently. Not just shooting or just post, but ... when combined ... make for a smooth workflow from planning through delivery. What kind of rendering settings work best for the files created by this camera? What LUT's or protocols or whatever to look for, what to avoid ... clearly, there are some good folks here at doing this stuff.

    ANY comments would be so appreciated!

    R. Neil Haugen