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Stable settings for high bitrate 720 60p?
  • I'm looking for a higher bitrate patch, ~ 100mb/s, at 720 60p for the use of slow motion with Twixtor. I've discovered that having a higher bitrate can dramatically improve the results, but am having a hard time finding advice for a stable high bitrate 60p patch.

    Good patch for this use?

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  • Moon T7 man, sift through the new stuff and you'll see results and reviews.

  • Thanks, been looking through that thread. Some great stuff in there. I haven't seen it mentioned much in that thread in regards to that patch, but I have Transcend 32GB Class 10 cards on hand, how would these fair with the T7 patch? (I know Sandisk 64GB Extreme is most stable...but I don't have that at the moment :)