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Is there something wrong with my GH2?
  • So I just bought a gh2 off ebay. Bought a 32gb class 10 sd card to accompany it. I uploaded a hack and it works I think. The thing is that pretty often, I am asked to reintall the 1.1 firmware page for the hack? So when I check my photos, it asks. When I turn off my camera and turn it back off, it asks. Is this normal or is something wrong with the internal firmware of the gh2?

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  • When the firmware .bin file is on your memory card and you press the play button, you will be prompted to update the firmware. Delete the file from your memory card and you won't be prompted anymore.

  • So when I do this, the camera will automatically remember the firmware even without the SD card. Thanks!

  • That is correct. It installs the hack directly on the camera, so you can remove that firmware file from your memory card.