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GF3 Live HDMI output?
  • I have a GF3 which I am using occasionally for transfer of old 8mm and 9.5mm films, rigged together with a projector through a "custom-tinkered" combination of lenses to project the tiny film frame on the GF3 sensor. I find the "pseudo-live" video output very useful because it helps focusing and adjusting the image a lot if you can watch on a full-size monitor. But as you know, the A/V output is switched off the moment I turn video recording on, and on the small GF3 monitor I often won't notice when the film slips slightly out-of-focus due to mechanical problems, or a hair or other bit of debris gets stuck in the picture area during projection. Now I don't have HDMI input facility at hand, so could someone with a HDMI monitor and a GF3 please check if the video output via HDMI stays on during recording? I've googled and used the search function here, but couldn't find anything definitive enough to make me buy a HDMI converter or new monitor for the purpose. If "live HDMI out" depends on the firmware version or on certain hacks being installed, I'd appreciate clear instructions as to what I need. I have little spare time to re-invent the wheel and try out everything available in the hope that something will work.... Thank you!