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GH3 Audio Dropout Issue
  • I'm shooting in FHD 24p with the most recent 1.2 firmware update. I'm losing audio on the ends of my clips. About 24 frames at the back end of a clip and about 4 frames at the front.

    I took a screen grab from premiere so you can see how the waveform flatlines.

    This is a quirk that I may be able to work around by recording a second longer than usual but where it causes trouble is when you span a clip. The video is seamless but I do lose about a second of audio in between each clip which can ruin an interview if for some reason I don't have a second recorder set up.

    This is at least on my camera.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

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  • Is anyone else having this problem?

    Not here, tried all 24p modes mov and avchd wrapped and all looks and sounds as it should.
    Weird behavior... only in audio ??? Hope you manage @rubefink

  • Thanks for checking it out. I'm still within my return period with amazon so I'm going to exchange for another body.

  • So after troubleshooting some more this is what I've figured out. This only occurs in Premiere Pro CC. It also happens with gh2 MTS files. It doesn't do it with canon .mov files. And strangely enough if I convert my GH3 vid files to ProRes it fixes it. None of these issues show up in Premiere Pro CS6. Something is broken in the new update apparently. I'd be curious to see if anyone is seeing this same problem in their version of PP CC.

  • Yep, I get this too. Not too much of an issue since I shoot with considerably long handles before and after the actual take. If I really need audio, I can quickly retrieve it in Audition and import into Premiere.