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FS: GH2 +12mm f2 Olympus, Voightlander 25mm f0.95, 45mm f1.8 Olympus, Pana 14-42 GX lens
  • Hi, I am selling my great GH2 full package. Including the lenses above. GH2 is 15 month old. Comes with 5 batt. I am moving to Canon mount lenses and system. The whole set goes for Euro 1600 (was 1800) Camera has Flowmotion hack All items including the boxes! Great condition!

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  • do you sell 12mm lens alone, price?

  • I would like to sell it as a package. But if it takes to long i would contact you, agree?

  • Some pictures

    foto 2-1.JPG
    1632 x 1224 - 747K
    foto 3 kopie.JPG
    1632 x 1224 - 592K
    foto 4 kopie.JPG
    1632 x 1224 - 599K
    foto 2 kopie.JPG
    1632 x 1224 - 651K
  • Pricedrop to €1600! First come, first serve!

  • If you do decide to sell the CV 25/0.95, I would appreciate you contacting me with its price. For references, look for me by name (Kit Laughlin) over at fredmiranda,com, and get Cheers, KL

  • Lenses still available?

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