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[SOLD] Small HD DP4 monitor with VF4 EVF and accessories for sale
  • Used only a few times, purchased earlier this year. Only 5.6" so small enough to comfortably put on a rig, and with the EVF creates another point of stability. Focus Assist+ is quite handy when using manual focus lenses. False Color has two modes, one of them shows ideal skin tone range (instead of only underexposed and overexposed). Cost new was $600 before shipping, I'd like to get $500 and will absorb shipping costs within the US.

    includes all original packaging and accessories including the sun hood, lens cap, screen protector, Sony battery bracket.

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  • Oops, this cost $600 new so would like $500 shipping and paypal expenses included (I just corrected the original post). Or $450 without those things included if you want to think of it that way...

    Like new with all packaging.