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WOLLENSAK Vintage lenses, for GH2
  • I want to know what is the difference between a WOLLENSAK CINE RAPTAR 17MM F 2.7 and CINE RAPTAR WOLLENSAK 17MM F/2.5 LENS except the aperture and price. Is it a good wide angle lens option on a GH2? the 2.7 is around 80$ and the other over 200$! will a regular C to M4/3 mount work well with this? (i dont want vignettes).

    Also, my budget for a good wide is around 200$. if anyone can suggest me a better vintage/new/used lens i would be thankful.


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  • @club_irate As far as I understand, those lenses vignette heavily on m43. Google is your friend, there are many samples.
    Also you can become good friends with "Search" feature of the site and/or the Tags Menu on the right ( and find all the c-mount lenses threads and also lots of threads with lenses recommendations and info.