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Looking for a GH3 match Hack
  • So I've been involved in the hack community since the GH1, but I find there are just way to many things I don't understand anymore. Basically, I do events, and I own 2 GH2s and a GH3, and I would like to normalize my GH2s to match the GH3 in terms of bit rate and color (if possible).

    SPANNING is absolutely needed, as I often shoot longer then 1hr.

    I would really like the hack to have matching bit rates so- 24H/L 72mbps/50mbps, 30H/L 72mbps/50mbps, and whatever works for 1080i and 720p.

    I've heard of GH3onaGH2, but I can't seem to find that hack setting anywhere. Is it called something different now?

    Any advice would be great!

    Thanks, Quinn

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  • It's really easy to find. The search function actually works like it should here. Anyways, to put it to bed, it's in the Boom thread but Moon was made to grade well with GH3s as well.