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Best Settings for TZ10 need help please
  • hello I'm new here, I have a TZ10 and I was wondering if it was possible someone post the best configuration for AVCHD Movie? Or Maybe someone can share some pictures, with all the best settings/changes to apply in pTool for TZ10?

    I'm a bit noob when it comes to shooting video, but if it is possible to improve it and liked someone help me to choose the best settings for that.

    By the way, I already have pTool 3.66d, and the original firmware (TZ10_V12) I'm just waiting for some tips from someone more knowledgeable for the the best changes to make! AC3 compression is worth it?

    Excuse my english I'm Portuguese...

    PS: By the way, can someone share an optimal settings for shooting please?

    I'm a little disappointed with my photos, they are too grainy with iA mode...

    Sorry if i create a new topic in wrong section.

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  • No one could help me?

  • I do not have TZ10, but seems it has similar firmware hack to GH1/GF1. Therefore, I suggest you to download PTOOL setting for GF1. Search for lpowell reliable or gop3. Tested those two setting and decide which one is the most stable setting for your TZ10.

  • try Spizz t7