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Panasonic G6 Issues
  • Starting this topic to gather issues that could lead to firmware update for the G6 :)

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  • First off: this is probably a hardware error:

    Dark halo-ing on the left(?) of bright objects!

    UPDATE! This is caused by i.Dynamic settings. Turn OFF to avoid these artifacts!

    AVCHD 50p ISO 160 Shutter 1/50 Photo Style: Natural: -5,0,0,-5 WB: Cloudy First clip: Olympus 45mm f1.8 @f1.8 Second clip: Lumix 14-140mm, 14mm@ f4

    MPEG 50p export straight from Premiere

  • Wow that looks pretty dreadful.

  • Can someone with a G6 do a similar test to see if this is just my camera? I'm trying to get hold of another G6 later today and try again.

  • How annoying. Is the G6 too good to be true?

  • @andy_lee Lets keep the discussion to this thread. I wanted to shoot in 50p to have the option of slo mo, if needed. Will try other modes and see if issues are the same.

  • @CFreak Hopefully it's just my copy

  • oscillian - is this halo visable in camera on the rear screen when you view the footage - or is it something that has been induced onto he image in post due to processing in Premiere

    try trouble shooting this to see where the issue is occuring

    I had an issue with my G6 it had a dead pixel cluster on the sensor so its had to be returned for a replacement new body - Im now awaiting this to arrive

  • Seems like some kind of in camera processing that tries to emulate higher DR. Similar to the Shadows/highlight effect that is found in adobe applications like premiere. Try the same test with higher in-cam contrast adjustment.

  • That's pretty ugly. I would guess it's your copy. I shot hours of diverse footage with the G6 in pretty harsh light conditions this week, and haven't seen this kind of occurance in the footage. Shot mostly 24p, and some 50p.

  • Here's a quick similar test with my G6 in 50p. Portrait all dialed down except sharpness at 0. No haloing like @oscillian 's - would seem to be a faulty copy so hopefully you can change it in. Original file.!FxATwR4T!N71vuws5jpKSjPD5B5JSwARbye1MzqJ72g_lwgPZeTw

  • @andy_lee It's visible on the camera LCD when recording.

  • @fix I thought so too! But it's only on the left side, so...

  • @eyenorth you're probably right. Bad copy :-(

  • @oscillian yup. It’s more pronounced when you keep the paper over the sofa. I would still try higher contrast adjustments in-camera though. Probably some in camera magic going on. Natural light leak seems different than this.

  • oscillian I would return your camera for a replacement I had to return mine due to a faulty sensor - dead pixels - these things do happen in high volume manufacturing ! it is annoying but fixable by getting a replacement

  • Peaking blue highlights seem not to get relayed over wifi when remote operating, not exactly a fault I suppose but it's very frustrating.

  • - look on this video at 1:15 - dark "shadow"...

  • @Epikurejczyk86

    Seeing as this video was recorded on my camera, I did a similar test to oscillian to see if this 'haloing' is as apparent indoors as his was.

    First I used 50p, 1/100, Profile Standard, Iso 3200 and to my naked eye, it wasn't visible. But when I instead used 160 shutter it became slightly visible in poor light.

    Edit: Scratch that, I just performed another test with a white piece of paper against a brown wooden table and the shadowing was very visible, in 24p (1/80) and 50p (1/160). A lamp illuminated the area I was recording and when I moved the crinkly paper against the upper left of the table (where the light created a slight glowing reflection) the 'halo/shadowing' became very obvious. So I seem to have the same problem as Oscillian, And it seems to be occurring only on the left of bright objects.

  • Did same test with 24p, Standard profile 0,0,0,0, WB Sunny, ISO 800, f5.6, 1/50

    Black shadow on midtone surfaces (40 IRE) to the left of bright surface (80 IRE)

    Looks like a factory recall or, if we're lucky, a firmware update.

  • @oscillian

    can you post your sample on vimeo and youtube ...this helps to get their attention !

  • @kurth Sure:

    AVCHD 24p, Standard 0,0,0,0, WB Sunny, ISO 800, f5.6, 1/50th shutterspeed, Olympus 45mm f1.8 @5.6

    First clip normal, second with ETC mode on.

  • This is's not your it all the g6 models?

  • @oscillian

    wow...the etc mode clip shows just how bad this is . I recommend people comment on the vimeo page itself. That clip should convince the ceo of panasonic himself .....there's a problem groundcontrol ! thanks amigo

  • Another problem is color inconsistency in JPEGs, which I noticed in timelapse use. On full manual settings with all "i.Something" features off, sequential JPEGs have slightly different color balance, even though WB is clearly on manual.

    Will post examples as soon as I have time to do a test in controlled environment. Also will attempt the halo/shadow test on my unit.

  • Ok, I think I found the problem. The dark shadow is caused by i.Dynamic feature. If set to other than Off it creates the dark shadow to the left. Examples: i.Dynamic Auto (50p ETC-mode, Natural -5,0,0,-5) AVCHD straight from camera

    Examples: i.Dynamic Off (50p ETC-mode, Natural -5,0,0,-5) AVCHD straight from camera