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Meetup: San Francisco, Personal View meeting
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    It seems like the numbers might be a little thin, but if anyone is near SF I would like to coordinate a meeting at a bar or restaurant in the city. We could do an upcoming weekend in mid to late July, preferably a Saturday so that people can come and go more freely. We can meet downtown so that it's easy for anyone coming into the city (provided BART is not still striking :/). Anyone's welcome, of course, whether you live here or are just passing by. And I'm a lurker on the site, but I'd still like to meet other personal-viewers. Comment in this thread if you're down to meet and maybe say which day works best for you. Let's work something out!

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  • I'm in.

  • I'll be out of town on the 20th but if it's the 27th, I'll definitely try to make it.

  • Great. Let's plan on Saturday July 27th and say 4:30pm. I was thinking Schroeder's downtown at Front and Sacramento, off the Embarcadero station: There's food and drinks there, and it's pretty big inside so we shouldn't have trouble finding space. If anyone has any other suggestions for places, let me know.

    I'll throw out that I'm always looking to get new C-mount and PL mount lenses, so if anyone has any they're looking to part with, I'd be interested to see them!

    Anyone else want to join? PM me or post if so!

  • Polka Dancing..... or GH2. How about Point Richmond. Anyone been there? In certain worlds there are seeds ... and leeches.

  • Hmm, maybe the site is misleading -- it's a big place with a bunch of tables where it's easy to meet up and talk, not as crazy as it seems :). Point Richmond looks great, but I'm thinking it might be good to meet somewhere people can get to easily on public transit. Of course, easy bay is fine if that's where people are. Where are people coming from? North, east, city...?

  • Marin.. somewhere in the city is cool. Maybe somewhere in North Beach, back alley...Specs. City Lights...

  • Specs sounds good to me, it’s very laid back and a nice place to go. We can still say 4:30ish on Saturday 7/27 if that works for people.

    @_OZ, @saltherring, are you all still in?

  • Yes, I'm in

  • Great! I liked @exilenorth 's suggestion of Specs, a bar in North Beach:

    Looks like they open at 5, so I'll be there then this Saturday. I'll grab a table and put up a sign with the personal-view logo. Looking forward to meeting you all!

  • I will see you at Specs. 5pm

  • Awesome! See you then...

  • @exformant

    Let me know if someone is interested in organizing winter meetup.