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  • I don't how I managed this one but I accidently screwed a ND filter into a protective UV filter incorrectly -misaligned threads- and now the two are stuck together. What I'm wondering is whether there is a product I can use to lubricate the threads that won't damage the coating on the lens' so I don't have to resort to using a device (i.e. pliers) for additional mechanical grip. In a perfect world this wouldn't happen but it has and I don't want to fuck up either filters.

    Any help would be much appreciated, many thanks in advance.


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  • sandwich it between the souls of two clean rubber shoes/sneakers and twist in opposite direction from each other. thats how i get stuck filters off my lens

  • @MRfanny Excellent suggestion, I'll try that tomorrow. Thank you, sir!

  • They have 'lens wrenches' for this. You can also try big rubber bands to increase your grip. I find that constant pressure + patience usually works.

  • When attaching ewa-marine thread attachment it got seriously stuck to a UV filter. I used strips of duct tape wrapped around to create two "holders" on each filter / maximize contact surface / grip. Worked like a charm.

  • @DouglasHorn & @RRRR Thank for the advice! Mucho appreciado...

  • I had this issue too some days ago with a ND filter and an adapter. Shoe trick did not work, I fixed two cable ties around to have better grip - that didn't work either.

    Then a miracle happened: I laid the filter on my working table and when my wife came around later on she picked the filter and unscrewed them easily. I guess there was some more heat on the table as it's nearby a sunny window. But I am also willing to believe in the magic hands of my wife ;-)

  • @peaceonearth Sometimes using almost no pressure works, as trying to grip tight can deform the filter shape and make turning difficult or impossible. Perhaps your wife used a light touch. I've had tiffen nds be a bit tight to undo...but when I use five fingers instead of just three and use light works. The light touch avoids shape deforming. The five fingers spaced evenly around filter also tend to give equal pressure therefore also avoiding shape deformation.

  • Just tired the soft touch on a filter I've had stuck for two weeks. Came right off!!! Damn, thanks for the tips guys.

  • Well, heat-expansion can in theory loosen stuck threads. Although it´s difficult to get an application of heat so that the inner threads remain cooler (or the opposite apply cold to the inner threads).. Maybe by putting the filters on a cool surface (inner thread down) in the sun you could achieve such an effect.

  • Two rubber bands around the perimeter of each filter. Works every time for me.

  • @vicharris Very cool - glad it worked.

  • All those techniques work. I never stick filters together though. I only stick circular polarizers on adapters. Anyone have a way to grab them?