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GH2 for Feature: 24p vs. 30p: 2013
  • Looking for educated opinions. The mission: Shoot a feature length narrative with at least one chase, 1 fight scene, and moderate action through out while minimizing judder/strobing. Tell the mode used, hack used, and why you chose this setup.


    Camera: GH2

    Mode: 24p (Cinema)

    Shutter Speed: 40

    Hack: Flowmotion 2.02

    Reasoning: I chose Cinema 24p to shoot at the rate most associated with cinematic productions. I chose my shutter speed to add filmic blur and create the illusion of judder free video. I chose flowmotion 2.02 to aid in both fronts (motion stability while keeping with the film look).

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  • Looks fine. Take care of lights flickering with 1/40 shutter. Would use Driftwood Intravenus instead of Flowmotion. On motion stability: Test yourself! Just put cam on tripod in front of turntable, trow some stuff on turntable, let it spin. Record with flowmotion, flash Intravenus, record again. Now you can compare.. you will be amazed! ;)

  • 24p or don't bother :D