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Sony RX100 MII topic
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    • 1" BSI-CMOS sensor (13.2 x 8.8mm, 3:2 aspect ratio)
    • 20.2mp
    • 28-100mm (equiv), f/1.8-4.9 Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens
    • ISO 160-12,800
    • NFC, WiFi
    • 10fps continuous shooting
    • Tiltable 3" 1.2md LCD screen
    • Steady-Shot image stabilization
    • 1080p60 video (50p in PAL regions)
    • Built-in stereo microphones
    • 330-shot battery life (CIPA)

    Available at:

    Hands-ons and previews

    Designed to increase sensitivity in low-light conditions and reduce overall picture noise, the new Exmor R sensor in the RX100 II camera is the world’s first 1.0-type back illuminated sensor ever developed. It is approximately 40% more sensitive in dimly lit situations compared to the existing RX100 model. The powerful sensor is paired with an exceptional F1.8 Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens to deliver exceptionally sharp, natural still images and Full HD video in any shooting condition – from bright daytime scenes to night-time landscapes and everything in between.

    Additionally, the new RX100 II model is equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities and is also the first ever Sony camera to include NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, giving the extra convenience of instant, one-touch wireless transfer of content between devices. Its Smart Remote Control functionality lets users preview images and control shutter release directly from their connected phones or tablets.

    A Multi Interface Shoe on the RX100 II model allows users to add optional accessories including an electronic viewfinder, powerful external flash and clip-on LCD monitor. A Multi Terminal lets users add a shutter-release remote control.

    The camera features a bright, detail-packed 3.0-type White Magic™ LCD display that tilts upwards (up to 84 degrees) and downwards (down to 45 degrees), giving shooters greater freedom to compose shots from overhead and low angles.

    Additionally, the RX100 II model has expanded Full HD video capabilities with the addition of 24p shooting for cinematically styled movies. Other refinements include a step zoom function that lets users instantly choose any of five popular focal lengths for handy scene framing. Shooters can select 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70mm or 100mm focal lengths using the camera’s control ring, giving them an intuitive and fast alternative to zooming in and out.

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    800 x 554 - 45K
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  • I just love the RX100 for video and this update addresses all shortcomings, except for the slow tele end of the lens and higher bitrates in 50p. @Vitaliy_Kiselev Any news on a RX100 hack?

  • I was wondering when BSI would finally make the move to larger sensors, it'll probably outperform 4/3s in low light

  • I haven't seen anybody check whether this sensor gets as hot as the first-edition RX100 when faced with continuous video (up to its silly 29min limit, of course). I am also nervous about the comparative lack of sharpness reported in the video, hopefully this is just conservative image sharpening...

  • Imaging Resource says the mkll video is not as detailed...and I assume he's comparing it to the original

  • @kurth

    Video is present in the post above.

  • The glassblowing video is cute subject matter, but not really the best subject to check for accuracy. Additionally, I have only been able to find a 720p copy. There is another 720p Sony sample video at:

    But it also is not really how I would be shooting that subject matter. It is almost as though Sony are trying to meet the criticism of the earlier version blowing out in highlights. I would like to see an indoors event - a wedding, a party, something without so much camera motion and with sufficient detail to allow me to see 1080p resolution. Or perhaps using a stabilizer when in the boat :)

    The 24p footage is nice and smooth, however, quite promising, and I would expect that the sensor would not use so much power at 24p as 60p, so the heating issue may now be under control :)

  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II review by DXOMark

    Until such time that rivals adopt the Sony unit, or something similar (like the sensors found in the Nikon 1 cameras), it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to compete on level terms. For the moment at least, the highly pocketable Sony Cyber-shot DSC RX100 and the new Mk II version have no real equal.

  • The RX100 II's image quality is noticeably improved over the already good RX100, with impressive noise performance even at high ISO settings up to and including ISO6400, with the multi-frame noise reduction performing significantly better than the previous model. With additional features and greater versatility the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 II could be the last compact camera you'll ever need, and is therefore Highly Recommended.

  • Some video starts to appear:

    and more Sony advertising footage (again at 720p):

    I still need to know about the overheating situation, and whether there is a 29mins video limit on the US models...

  • Some video data at Focus-Numerique:

    I can't see their video of Rolling Shutter, but the resolution/moire target looks good, and certainly not soft...

    This is somewhat alarming: "Contrairement à certaines informations dévoilées lors de la présentation du RX100 II, le boîtier ne semble pas capable de filmer en 24p." I hope they made a mistake. Maybe 24p is just a function of selected shutter speed... Or perhaps, because of pulldown issues, only the NTSC version can do 24p... Hmmm...

    1374 x 881 - 78K
  • I used a RX100 for underwater video on a recent holiday.

    Here's 60 seconds of Manta Clips:

  • The pictures, as expected, look great. The camera did a fine job of exposing, and colors and white balance were spot on. Everything I loved about the previous RX100 is present here, too, so you can absolutely expect a top-shelf experience through and through.

  • samp7.jpg
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  • Like the best-selling RX100 before it, the Sony RX100 II delivers the same magic potion of large sensor performance in a compact format. When I wrote about the RX100 back in 2012 I said some people will 'complain it lacks a hotshoe, or an accessory port for a viewfinder, or that its screen isn't articulated'. These shortcomings didn't prevent the camera from selling like hotcakes, but it's uncanny those are exactly the things Sony decided to fix, along with also providing built-in Wifi with NFC and a cabled remote option. There's even the chance to mount filters via an optional accessory, although this also works on the older RX100.


    Changing the sensor for a back-illuminated version of the same resolution is also a very canny move. I don't recall many folk complaining about the image quality on the RX100, but now it's genuinely better at higher sensitivities. It would have been easy for Sony to stick with the existing sensor and concentrate on the physical or software upgrades, but it's refreshing to find an upgrade in this respect. It makes the RX100 II a better complement or even replacement for a larger camera


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  • We were already impressed with the RX100's image quality, but the new 20.2 megapixel sensor in the DSC-RX100 II provides even better results from ISO 100-3200, with only the faster settings of 6400 and 12800 suffering from a little too much noise and smearing of fine detail.


    In addition to improving the Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II's image quality, the addition of the multi interface shoe, multi terminal and built-in wi-fi/NFC make this the best connected and most versatile Sony camera to date.


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  • hi Vitaly, is it possible there'd be a hack for RX100 or RX100M2?

    I owned both RX100M2 and NEX-6 and I found that the aliasing and moire control is much more pleasant on the RX100 series, and I am more excited to see a hack from RX than the NEX camera for now.

  • hi Vitaly, is it possible there'd be a hack for RX100 or RX100M2?

    I do not know for now. May be.

  • Do you think the jittery pans are due to the camera or the export?

  • I got around to curating 800 clips down to 90 seconds of the better ones taken from my diving holiday. Some of these show how well the RX100 behaves underwater:

    View at maximum resolution, you'll see a little rolling shutter but other than that its great for what it is.