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Improving sensor dynamic range
  • We have shown that multi-bit temporal oversampling with conditional reset and variable duration of sampling intervals can be used to increase the dynamic range of image sensors by effectively extending the full well capacity. Conditional reset is necessary for good low-light sensitivity. A test chip was fabricated to implement the method, and the improvement in performance of 22dB in the case of the 3T based pixel and 23dB in the case of the 4T based pixel matches the simulation model. Our approach of pre-defined sampling intervals and conditional reset gives each pixel the optimal sampling sequence based on its light intensity without the need to add storage or decision circuits to each pixel. Since our measurements and model agree, we predict that we can achieve over 80dB dynamic range in a single shot capture with a 1.4um pixel.

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  • woah--Rambus, now there is a Jedec master. I remember even buying some of those memory chips, eight meg I think. I always thought they had some good techs on staff, maybe something will come of this.

  • @DrDave

    They are now mostly known as patent trolls.

  • Yes, but there was a sliver of doubt in my mind whether they had better technology, at least until DDR 400 was introduced. The main thing I remember from those days was how expensive memory was.