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FLoAT (BMCC w/glidecam)
  • shot 95% of this in 2 days just to do a little more testing of the weight of the BMCC on a Glidecam HD2000 and a 12ft CobraCrane. I didn't put a whole lot of time into grading, and this isn't a video showing off DR, raw ability or flaws, just simple "FLoATing BMCC" video. If you notice I purposely shot on some rough terrain to see if any jello would pop up but It did fine.

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    Same edit with an alternate grade that I find much more appealing. in the original I had FilmConvert smashing my colors a bit too much, so I adjusted the saturation and added a pinch of unsharp mask. I also made some adjustments in Resolves tracking stabilizer and other adjustments using Adobes Warp Stabilizer in PP CC. I am a big fan of ProDAD Mercalli but Warp Stabilizer does a really nice job with large resolution footage (obviously a Cloverfield shooting style won't work well with WS) Focus was pulled using just my hand, even with a 85mm, WS did an amazing job of removing any shake that appeared during focus.