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A [GH2] Tribute To Hitchcock / Vimeo STAFF PICK
  • Here's my latest project, shot on GH2 using Driftwood Cluster X (Slipstream #2) The footage were handled in AE CS6 (some use of Element 3D) I had the great honor to be featured in Vimeo STAFF PICKS today ! I Hope you'll enjoy

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  • Nice work! Thanks for posting. I'm always rewatching Hitchcock movies all the time!

  • Chouette! Any relation to the Lefournier of Spirou?

  • Thank you ! No relation with Spirou's author whose name is "Fournier" (not "Lefournier") which a rather common French name.

  • That looked awesome! I respect any man who can appreciate Hitchcock :)

  • Thank you Wilbo :)

  • loved it. well done

  • Very interesting! :) What lenses have you used? :)

  • Thank you. I mainly used Voigtlander 25 mm F0.95 and Canon FD 50 mm F1.4 (maybe SLR Magic 12 mm for one shot)

  • oh loved the rope shot.. looked like high dynamic range for a change. Keep up the good work!

  • Thank you fix

  • Nice. Did you shoot in B&W or convert in post. Natively shot B&W has a nice look, and you can push the ISO's higher and get a usable image vs same iso in color.

  • @CRFilms I definitely shot in B&W natively, first because framing a shot in B&W is different than framing in color then as you say, Native B&W keep noise levels very low (no ugly colored noise) I always loved GH1/GH2 "Smooth B&W" picture style that retains wonderful midtones, It's a shame it's not featured on GH3.

  • Bravo! Very good!!

  • Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah, I've only done a few test shoots in B&W, but I was impressed how you could shoot max iso and get such a nice image, especially on the FPN filled GH1. ISO 3200 is unusable in color, but BW, with a little noise reduction, BW Smooth is totally usable.

    Did you find Dynamic Range also higher in BW or is it the same? Even if you can't push things as far as you want, I feel that there's nothing wrong with a noisy image in BW. The best BW to me is gritty and dirty, go for the Pi look. But there's nothing wrong with the clean look either. You don't need the new B&W RED, just use a GH2.

  • That right GH2 B&W is ground breaking shot on good glass. No need for RED :) I used 35 mm grain overlays to mimic Hitchcock film's grain (as I didn' need to crank up the ISO my native image was too smooth)