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Apple new Mac Pro computers
  • Finally, Apple have made an official announcement about the new Mac Pro workstations.

    They look.... intriguing.



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  • I watched the Mac Pro "slide show" on the Apple site. It looks intriguing, I must admit. Makes me glad I didn't order an existing tower with this new "R2D2-v2" on the horizon. I'll likely jump on one of these.

  • I guess it inherits the noisy fans from its role model: iRobot Roomba

  • Apple's design has gone over to the dark side.

  • Not so, Ive just ordered the white one :-)

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  • Lol, only one CPU. 12 core is good, but 24 is better. About Graphics they made the right choice, ATI has better GPGPU performance then NVIDIA, not so well scaled when put at crossfire, but enough to have good run. The best thing here is Thunderbolt 2.0

    You can make dual core motherboard for $450, 2 processor of 6 core for $640 and 16GBram for $500. A good power supply for $250 any fuking case there is for 1U server. You ready and upgradable for same or less price future proof.

    Overclock and you are master chieff. Fuck mac.

  • This announcement will only push more people to the Hackintosh! - It's the best Mac I've ever owned.

  • stick it in a suitcase and go through a TSA checkpoint at the airport....oops you've missed your flight.

  • Overclock and you are master chieff. Fuck mac.

    Fuck taliban-nerds.

    Cheap, over-clocked, noisy, unreliable and time-consuming self-made workstations are not for all. Why do you hate having alternatives?

  • Electronic Fly-Catcher

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  • It looks cool, and it is all that is cool about it.

    It is much smarter idea to build good computer using replaceable components and not using FireGL, for example.

  • We just have to ignore the MacBashers among us. It's just not something they can understand. My wife does Video Editing, but knows NOTHING about building computers. She's been using Macs for years and is comfortable. Getting her something like this is a no brainer. She'd be able to plug it in and get right to work and sometimes that is more important than cheaper but often more complicated. She and others like her won't want to deal with a Hackintosh. Not everyone is a computer savvy tech person. I am but I sometimes don't want to be bothered with that crap.

    I like the power this thing has packed in it. Just a raw processing box with plenty of options for connecting peripherals. It's also darned near portable. I can see taking this with me on the right jobs. I'd never do that with my current MacPro's.

  • First....want to be guinea pig ? the first gen of any Apple product. Maybe by 2015 ? Second...this looks like a mac cube repeat...only it's round. And that was Apples big brainstorm ? Turn square to round ? Third thought....wasn't Apple one of the 50 internet companies feeding personal info to the nsa ? That might not play out so well, class-action I'd wait and see if they're still around to use that 3 yr. applecare !

  • @kurth

    Check title of the topic. It is not flame about Apple.

  • Looks like it will be expensive, if not they will sell many. This seems like it is "portable" enough to take to and from work/home without too much trouble (if you have a monitor and keyboard at both locations). It really comes down to price like everything else.

  • You will add storage solutions and PCI cards with Thunderbolt enclosures to the MacPro. Let's see how good this will work. All those pros who are hating on the design right now in fact can't wait to build a stylish studio setup around the new MacPro. Thunderbolt and SSD's for me are the most efficient workflow improvements since the invention of firewire. To bad that the Thunderbolt accessory market is not moving very fast.

  • Thunderbolt and SSD's for me are the most efficient workflow improvements since the invention of firewire.

    What is wrong with USB 3.0? Especially that new version with same speed as TB is coming soon.

  • R.I.P good Apple-Design

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  • The price of the Mac Pro will be of very interesting discussion. We're probably looking at paying around $4-$5k for this unit.

  • AMD FireGL? No room for extra drives? What a bunch of hipster shit.

  • I'm not loving the Dyson canister look, but, building the machine on TOP of a heat-sink at it's core is a pretty good idea. It's SO much better that welding individual heat-sinks on top of all the high-heat components on the board. Very innovative.

  • As for price, I bet it'll be cheaper than most think. There is no internal expansion, so to expand you need to buy Thunderbolt or Thunderbolt 2 devices. If the Mac Pro is too much nobody will buy it since Thunderbolt devices and cables are also expensive. I believe they want the expansion abilities to be within reach for most. I predict if Thunderbolt devices and cables drop in price the Mac Pro might cost a little more, but if they don't, Apple will have no choice but to go with a cheaper price on the Mac Pro. I bet entry level will be around $3,000 US.

  • As for price, I bet it'll be cheaper than most think.

    It won't be cheap, due to memory, CPU and GPU used.

    Whole design is usual Apple. Buy and throw to dump. Impossible to repair and impossible to upgrade.

  • You're right, it won't be cheep compared to PC's but the entry level Mac Pro wont be $6000 either. Cheeper than most think probably. I bet starting at $3000.