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GH2 to Macbook for live monitoring - wired options?
  • Hi all,

    I've been looking around for info on how to use my new 2013 macbook pro to show live video primarily, and images if possible, that are being recorded/photographed live from my GH2... essentially using my Macbook as a monitor.

    There is a thread on PV that is a couple of years old which I have posted to, but through I'd open this up as a new topic as well, as I'm sure there are people out there in GH2 land who could do with this info as well. Here's a link to the original topic:

    I'm hoping that in the 2 years since the original thread, the tech options have moved on. My macbook has thunderbolt, which, from experience connecting macbook to tv, works well with hdmi, and as thunderbolt connectivity can be used to transfer data from a hard drive back and forth, it must be a 2 way connection, so theoretically should allow for possible hdmi data being inputed to my mac.

    I am relatively new to this and am trying to gather information, as this forum has been so informative in the past, I wanted to ask you guys what you would do in my situation? I would appreciate cheaper options if possible, primarily wired options as from scouring the web, there are issues with data signal interruptions and signal distance on wireless options.... plus wired is, I expect, considerably cheaper!

    Can you help?

    Thanks, Rob

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  • I think you need software to pull the signal from any of the ports. I've never heard of a free solution.

    Why not a cheap 7 inch hdmi monitor??

  • @Social I'm sure solution exists and hopefully some of the more technically knowledgeable people here will point out solution. I do know they make accessories such as the "Tripad" (available at B&H) that are basically a small shelf that slides over your tripod and gives you a pad/shelf/table that you can set a laptop on for just this purpose.

  • I think the easiest way is using the BlackMagic Shuffle, for Thunderbolt or usb3 :

    I don't know the potential delay as it is aimed at recording and not display, but it should be "reasonable"

  • Thanks guys. @vapoutrail - I could buy a new 7 inch hdmi monitor, but, when a have a macbook with a great screen and is bigger, it would make sense to use that if at all possible and if as cheap.

    @matt_gh2 - I hope the tech legends can help too! The tripad sounds great by the way.

    @lenuisible - did you mean BlackMagic 'Shuttle' not 'Shuffle'? If it is the shuttle, it looks to be built to record, rather than just to show what the camera is recording and using the mac as a monitor. I was hoping there would be cheap alternatives similar to this that are simply a connecting device without the additional functions such as recording, etc. For the life of me though, I can't find such a thing online which suggests that if there is such a device, it is not listed as working specifically with the GH2 and Mac.

  • Yep, shuttle.

    I always thought the same way (stupid that laptops don't always have a video input port). If you search web/youtube you should be able to find a cheaper alternative, usually the largest public for these is guys who want to play PS3/Xbox on their laptop screen.



    This just came out a few months ago for the gameplay capture guys. USB 2.0 input AND powered. HDMI pass through so you could hook up another monitor or recorder. It claims it can pass through 1080p at 60fps, but only record up to 30p. I don't know if the software could do 24p, but it records h.264 4:2:0 with built in encoder so you can't use it for capture as well.

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  • I'm using the elgato game capture with a Gopro silver3 for live instant feed it works great.

  • Hi all, ended up going with the Intesity Shuttle (Thunderbolt). Works well.... but.... there is an issue with changing the record settings when HDMI is plugged in. Just raised a new topic about it. Any advice?

  • There's also the Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Mini Recorder which sells, at least here in Finland, for less than the Shuttle.