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Amazon Storyteller
  • What is Amazon Storyteller?

    Amazon Storyteller is a new application from Amazon Studios that lets you turn a movie script into a storyboard. You choose the backgrounds, characters, and props to visually tell a story. A successful storyboard can tell the full story of a script, or capture its essence in short form, like a trailer. Either approach can be a great way to build an audience for your story and see how people respond to it.

    Amazon Storyteller is brand new, and is limited in the kinds of scripts it can visualize. For example, we don’t have robots and spaceships, but maybe we should. We need help from storytellers like you to make it better. During the Beta period, we’ll regularly ask for feedback on how Amazon Storyteller works for you, and ensure it delivers an even better experience in future releases.

    How long should my Amazon Storyteller storyboard be?

    That’s really up to you. You can visualize an entire screenplay scene-by-scene, or you can make a trailer-length storyboard that conveys the basic story in highlights. Whether you create 10 panels or 100, you can choose how best to visualize your story.

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  • I clicked on this a couple of days ago to try it out and was made to sign up for Amazon studios. Still couldn't do much...apparently you have to upload a script, which, if it's yours, gives them an option on it for a period of time. (I think it's come down from 60 days but I'm not sure.) At that point the storyboards can only be viewed on the Amazon platform, no exporting.

  • A better combination is Renpy - in combination with Celtx - and using musdex and darcs for version control. Install darcs and musdex using pip on osx. I keep the file on Dropbox in case I lose the backups.