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Premiere Pro CS5.5 & spanned AVCHD/MTS files: lost audio sync
  • Hi,
    I've got an annyoing issue with Premiere CS5.5 and GH2 recorded AVCHD material. I have a project where some video clips lost their audio sync. Now all of a sudden different audio plays, possibly from a different time in the same take but I'm not sure. I have a feeling Premiere confused the audio play position in a spanned recording with the position in an individual MTS file (this is a hunch, not more).
    Other symptom is that Pr keeps conforming files over and over. As I understand conforming is creating an audio cache. While it's doing this I can see/hear the audio in some of the affected clips changing. First there's 1 (wrong) audio position playing, then later another one (wrong too).
    It didn't happen to all of the clips in the project (and I'm afraid of opening other projects to check there). It might be related to me clearing out Premiere's huge preview and cache folders. Anyone experienced something like this and managed to solve it without having to re-do all the clips?
    Tanx, D.

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  • Nevermind, seems like I managed a fix:
    - changed Pr 's settings to store temp/preview files with the original footage (so I could see what files it generates for my affected footage)
    - cleared those files
    - started a new, empty project
    - cleared the media chache databse (in Pr preferences, not Finder)
    - imported the affected take in the empty project, let it conform, verified that audio was sync'ed properly
    - opened the problematic project, audio sync is back to normal now