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Olympus PEN E-P3, shooting at 25 fps: is there a way???
  • Hi everyone! I've been roaming the web for a while before coming here to ask this: is there ANY way to make my PEN E-P3 shoot at 25 fps, instead of 29,97? I asked Olympus too, but they just said: the camera can't, bye. (so professional...) I wondered if there was any chance to find a "hacked" firmware letting me set it that way, and wandering around stumbled couple of times in Vitaliy's name. :D I hope this is an "allowed" topic and, if the case, anybody could help me!

    Thanks anyone and everyone! ;)

    PS. any hack I could find about Olympuses was for near EVERY camera but the E-P3 -.-

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  • The general rule with Micro 4/3 is that if you want video, go with Panasonic. All video capable Olympus cameras shoot at 30fps only, and Vitality has said he's not interested in hacking them.

    Hopefully Olympus will change their tune and put better video features in their cameras, as competition with Panasonic in the m4/3 hybrid space would only be a good thing.