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Any Hack for HDC-SDT750 Camcorder
  • hi there, i have 2x HDC-SDT750 Camcorders and need to know if there has ever been a hack made to increase the Video Bitrate out from 28Mbps to say 70Mbps.

    asking because my son has a GH2 M4/3 camera using the v4b Orion and Sanity 5.1 hacks and i would like to improve my SDT750.

    i have pre-ordered a BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera here in australia due for release in july/august, with a SLR Magic 12mm Wide lens, so if no hack is available for my camcorders i will use the BMPC Camera as my main unit as it shoots ProRes @ 220Mbps without any hacking.

    i was going to get a GH3 that shoots native @ 72Mbps (i believe) and i prefer using a camera that i dont need to hack.

    any help or info is appreciated.....pinno