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GF6 Issues Topic
  • I bought the GF6 for my wife a few days ago here in Japan, it's a very nice camera, light and compact. However the WiFi is giving me issues similarly to what I experienced with the GH3 at the beginning. The only difference is that now with the GF6 the WiFi is basically unusable, whereas with the GH3 after some struggle I managed to get it work. The first time I set up the WiFi with the "Image App" application on the iPhone it worked easily, I played a bit with it and it was perfect. However after switching off the WiFi.. there is no way I can connect my iPhone to the GF6 anymore. WiFi connection is established and the camera is asking to open Image App on the iPhone, but when I do so the connection is never established. No need to say I've tried everything, restart from scratch, delete the WiFi settings, no luck. I've then tried with another iPhone and.. same! It worked perfectly the first time, but after that.. gone. No more. I will try to contact the vendor and see if they can give assistance...

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  • So we went to the shop after 1 night and 1 morning spent trying to get it work without luck (power off/on, remove/reinsert the battery etc.) As soon as we showed it to the Panasonic guy in the shop it started working fine... the most classic of the things... We still don't know what happened and if it will happen again, but for now it seems to work