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Possible to disable video recording start/stop on GH2 main shutter button?
  • Is it possible to disable the stop/start video recording function of the GH2's main shutter button? When I'm shooting video, I'd like to use that button just to change focus while filming. But it's so sensitive -- if I press just the tiniest bit too hard the camera stops recording rather than just refocusing. (I do practice, but still end up missing shots.)

    I am hoping that I just missed a setting somewhere and that it's possible to set it up so that the red video button handles the stop/start, and the main shutter button does focus only. It wouldn't be the first time I've been confounded and confused by the settings!

    Cheers and thanks in advance, Lori

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  • Yeah that happens to me too. I don't think that is an available setting - maybe you could just use the lcd touch focus feature?

  • Thanks, htinla! That would indeed be possible, but I feel much more comfortable focusing through the EVF. And sometimes I can't quickly get into a position where my face can be far enough away from the LCD for my eyes to have a chance of focusing on it (even with my glasses).

    I've continued searching, but haven't found anything suggesting that the feature I'd like is available (or even hackable). Guess I will just have to keep practicing my trigger finger, haha! :-)

  • I disabled the red video button and use just the shutter button to start/stop video recording. That way, I got use to using just the one button, hence my finger only has the muscle memory for that button.