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Follow focus gears on sale $12 each today May 6th, 1 day only!
  • The Universal Zip Gear in red developed by Sam Morgan Moore of Half Inch Rails is on sale today May 6th, only for $12 each via I just ordered a bunch, although I know they do not rotate all 360 degrees.

    I am not affiliated with either company, but, many years ago I worked often with Jared from and found him to be a stand up guy and good camera assistant who knew his craft.

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  • There's one chopped down for the Contax 28 - good stuff.

    3264 x 2448 - 2M
  • Works a treat - but is so snug some FF need riser to reach the barrel - use them on everything now - very simple to fit and zero play or slip - no bolts or extra width - nice:)

  • @soundgh2 There is a standard distance from light weight 15mm rods to the center of the lens mount. Every film AC knows about this, but, very few DSLR rig or accessory manufactures seem to have any idea what this is supposed to be. I try to keep it in mind when looking at rig parts, esp. with the small footprint of the GH2 body and that pesky battery door so close to the cameras mounting hole. The camera needs to go higher, but, a 5d with a battery grip is then too high.

    O'Connor who make the O-Box Mattebox put up this great reference page:

    If you stick to this guide and have a decent follow focus (one that slides left to right, not that single rod mounted thing from GiniRigs) you shouldn't have a problem with zip gears unless you are using tiny C mount primes or maybe pancake lenses.

    All professional motion picture lenses from ca. 1980 on had teeth built into the lens barrel. the Zeiss super speed MKIIs were slightly bigger than the Nikkor AIS primes (slightly bigger than the 14-45 Pana zoom) and this light weight support (LWS) rod system worked with them just fine.

    If you get a follow focus where the gear can go on the front or the back side and slides left to right, the budget Fotga DP500 II comes to mind:

    and you respect the LWS 85mm hight outlined in the .pdf I linked to above you should be covered with as many lenses as possible regardless of the FF gear on your lens. That's how the professional film camera manufactures did it (Arri, Aaton, etc.) back in the day. The Arri and Chroszeil FF back then had an adjustable arm but didn't slide left & right.

    Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 3.39.13 PM.png
    637 x 687 - 223K