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Light Follow Focus for light-weight rig ?
  • Is there any light weight but still quality follow focus ? I have been testing a lot of them but almost any of them weight's about or over 400 g. What's is your experience in using FF with light weight rig ?

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  • Most quality FF will have some weight to them since they'll have all-metal construction. When I really want to go lightweight, I use a LensStrap.

  • @P13DM i have used FocusOne Pro, but still weights i forgot exact weight but is over 350g i think ...

    As i use the shoulder rig having on left side FF and a monitor, when i remove the hand from left handle to use FF it comes out of balance on the left side and right hand gets more "tension" to hold the balance ...

    There are methods to balance but the light weight follow focus, even without monitor would help a lot. I see some friction FF weights about 200 grams.

  • I'm waiting for my Edelkrone Modula 5 (Completed some parts with Modula 1), i do have a Edelkrone hand srtap. So will check when i get it, how it will perform with heavy Gini iFocus ... Would be nice to see your solution to this ...

  • @feha i keep my FF on the right and evf on the left. I know it feels backward for some, but it works well for me. I also got a Redrock microBalance Plus that allows me to position the weight to the left or right. I think the microBalance was key to getting the rig to stay even when on my shoulder.

  • @P13DM , thank you, that is a great idea. @5thwall , thank you, will check their microBalance ...

  • @P13DM , im waiting for original rods support from Edelkrone, will check i thing i can add hand strap to it on the left side too :-) I wish just this hand strap had a 1/4" or 3/8" threads on bottom of plate.

  • Any other tips ?

  • Kabuto Focus Lightweight plus include marker board for mark the focus on.

  • Fifty Dollar Follow Focus from hondo garage. Use the gear option. Works great for me, and is cheap and light!

  • Dfocus v4 - very light, works great. I use it also as alternative to my genustech ff on situations where weight and size matters

  • Maybe the Fotga DP3000 is also an option - only 250g. (With nice QR mount on the M3 and M4 versions AND different sized gears.)

  • Just to add to fosterchen's suggestion, I run the same setup with my FDFF and it works really nicely. They've also got a lot of other nice rig bits in their growing catalogue, I'm going to be grabbing one of their barely baseplates this month to help reduce the weight of my kit.

  • @Tscheckoff have been considering the DP3000 myself but can't find much feedback or reviews online. Do you have it yourself?

  • @onceuponapixel: Sorry. It´s also just on my list ^^.