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B+W Special Effects Cine Filters x3 Retro [multi-image] 62mm
  • I'm selling these weird and ?wonderful? multi-image filters.

    I had them with my Braun Super 8 camera, and now they are collecting dust.

    There are three filters in the set:

    1. [A+ Condition] Multi-Image 3x Prism Consists of high quality glass with three equally sized prism surfaces that meet in the center. It produces three identical images whose positioning can be changed by turning the rotating mount.

    2. [Water Damaged!] geletin core, but still usable]3x Color Prism The 3x Color Prism attachment produces the same effect as the 3x Prism Parallel, but adds a gradual, soft blending of colors. The three parallel images can be positioned by rotation.

    3. [A+ Condition] Multi-Image 5x Prism This prism contains a square prism in the center of the attachment and four trapezoidshaped prisms in the outer area. It produces one central image surrounded by four identical images which may be moved around the square by rotation.

    Give your movies an authentic groovy look with these high quality German filters!

    BTW: I'm also wanting to sell my 14-140mm Lumix. Hardly ever use it - $350.00 + shipping + $10.00 donation to this site.

    $60.00 takes all three filters. Shipping + $5.00 donation to this site will be extra.


    PS: I don't have all the pictures here on the page, but I could send them to you if you wish:)

    2336 x 1752 - 723K
    2336 x 1752 - 1M
    2336 x 1752 - 565K
    2336 x 1752 - 762K
    2336 x 1752 - 1M
    2336 x 1752 - 839K
    2336 x 1752 - 1M