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Placing HDD instead of optical drive in macbook
  • I have my MBP since 1 year now running with this configuration. No problems at all. But now suddenly my boot disc died. My local shop, who are repairing this, told me that this second hard drive is not a good thing to have in a MBP, because this second hard drive never goes into sleep mode and would damage the computer in long terms... Anybody heard about this, do you have experiences about this?

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  • I have a SSD installed in my 2010 MBP and it runs perfectly fine. I use it as my main drive with the original HDD as storage. The original HDD goes into sleep mode when not needed and boots when I select it.

  • @tobsen did you install the ssd into the optical drive and left the original hdd where it was? @jleo thanks, which script is the easiest one or which one did you use, if so?

  • My early 2010 13" MBP is running solid on Dual SSD's in RAID 0 - never had a problem. My only rpoblem was first going with a cheap carriage. Got the OWC one and was all shits and grins from here on out.

  • @gameb yup. SSD replaced the optical drive which is now external. Got the Hardwrk kit through my local apple dealer

  • I replaced the damaged hard drive with a SSD and its runs fine. Still the old problem that the 1TB hard drive in the optical bay won't go automatically into sleep mode when not in use. Anybody figured out a solution? A few solutions are out there, but they sound all like half manual solutions...